Dr. Quackers is a "duck" that is a scientist. He preforms experiments on just about anything he can get his feet on.

History Edit

TVC47 meet Dr. Quackers in "Minecraft Adventure | I'm a Cow!?." He had a tiny lab set up on the Mushroom Island, carefully observeing the Mooshrooms in their natural habitat. Dr. Quacker agreed to live with TVC47. Dr. Quackers moved in with TVC47.

Dr. Quackers's Lab Edit

? - Jun 15, 2015: Dr. Quackers lived in a tiny lab on a Mushroom island.

Jun 17, 2015 - Jul 18, 2015: Dr. Quackers lived with TVC47 in The Sub. He built a lab in there. It was small, but had a tall roof.

UPCOMING LAB: TVC47 posted on Twitter that he was building new house. He is going to include a new, better lab. The video will come out on Feb 19, 2016!